The Onix ASIC Emulation and Prototyping platform is a modular and scalable system composed of a Host Board and FPGA- based module

boards. The system supports standard High-Speed interfaces, Of-The-Shelf and custom expansion cards.Easy–to-use platform control panel

allows remote configuration of the board periphery and FPGA configuration.

The New Line of Products is based on the Xilinx Ultra Scale Family.

The ONIX ASIC prototyping platform is a collaborate effort between Dgtronix Ltd., Xilinx, Inc. and Avnet.


The flexibility of the ONIX Platform is open for off the shelf FMC and other standard off the shelf Mezzanine Cards.

Build-to-Spec and customization options for the ONIX Platform and specific design of add on FMC or other Cards is also supported.

About Dgtronix

Dgtronix is a leading provider of Turn Key solutions for the local and foreign Hi-Tech companies. Based on decades of professional experience of the Dgtronix team, Dgtronix provides high-end solutions in Very High-Speed digital design, Signal & Power Integrity simulations, Power Supply design & Regulatory compliance tests. Along with the PCB layout, Mechanical design and Purchasing services, Dgtronix provides the complete solution for its customers.

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