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The adapter is a VITA 57.1  compliant single width HPC FMC  which enables flexible speed compatibility for application ranging from 1.5Gbps up to 14Gpbs. The iPass interface supports the following industry standards for high-speed, multi-lane internal and external systems:

  • PCIe (PCI Express) up to Gen3

  • SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)

  • SATA (Serial ATA)

  • 10GbE

  • InfiniBand


The adapter contains extra peripheral I/F for easy management and debugging.

  • VITA 57.1 FMC HPC connector

  • 8x lanes up to 14Gbps for iPASS interface

  • 2x u.FL connector for GTH clock

  • 4x u.FL connector for GTH lane (TX and RX)

  • 2x u.FL connector for User clock

  • 10pin Header for User

  • 2x UART interface (via Transceiver)

  • 1x SPI interface (via Transceiver)

  • Front Panel LED’s

  • On board clock oscillator for GTH ref clock (optional)

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