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Host Boards

The ONIX Systems host board is a modular multi FPGA ASIC prototyping platform.

The ONIX  Host board scalability can support up to 26.4 M LC (180 M ASIC Gates).
The Onix Host board is designed to fit a 19’’ rack in order to provide a flexible and easy-to-use modular system.


  • FPGA to FPGA connectivity

  • Flexible system clock generation and distribution

  • GTH reference clock towards two modules and cascaded host board

  • Remote flash and FPGA configuration via:

    • USB 2.0

    • Gigabit Ethernet

    • USB-JTAG

    • Simultaneous configuration Flash programming

  • Connectivity

    • Gigabit Ethernet

    • iPass connector

    • PCle Gen3 x 4 Lanes: EP + Root complex

    • USB 2.0

    • JTAG

    • SMAs

  • Designed to fit 19’’ Rack 

  • Advanced clock generation

    • 8x Global Clocks

    • 8x Global Signals (reset, enable, messaging, etc.)

    • Clock synchronization between FPGA modules

  • Design Partitioning

    • Up to 400 differential pairs @ 1.4Gbps per FPGA

    • x8 lanes @ 16Gbps between FPGAs on the same host

    • Up to x26 lanes @ 16Gbps between host boards

    • Support up to 3 host boards 

  • ZYNQ modules interconnecting support with High Speed Compliance

    • Designed to support 30Gbps Transceiver

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