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The ONIX–VU440 is based on the UltraScale™ XCVU440 FPGA, the largest FPGA in the world designed by Xilinx. The module board is designed for ASIC prototyping, to provide the best available solution for users’ requirements.  

The flexible and scalable design of the ONIX–VU440 supports three modes of operation, including:

A “desktop” Standalone Mode

PCIe plug in card

Mezzanine Module mode of operation while plugged into the Host Board.


  • Connectivity

    • PCIE Gen. 1/2/3 x1/x4/x8 lanes

    • x4 FMC

    • SMAs

    • UART over USB

    • JTAG

  • DDR4 Memory

    • DDR4 x 72 bit

    • DDR3 \ DDR3L x 64 bit

    • LPDDR2 \ (optional)​

  • Advanced clock generation

    • On-Board programmable PLL 1kHz up to 800MHz

    • x4 programmable clocks

    • x4 programmable clocks for the GTH transceivers

  • FPGA Programming and Debug

    • Via JTAG connector or Digilent USB module

    • Up to 2 configuration files storage using BPI flash

    • Fast remote configuration (via USB)

  • x4 PMOD sockets for off-the shelf PMOD modules

  • General purpose x8 DIP switches

  • General purpose x8 LEDs

  • General purpose x4 push buttons 

  • Design Partitioning

    • Up to 400 differential pairs @ 1.4Gbps per FPGA

    • X8 lanes @ 16Gbps between

    • FPGAs on the same host

    • Up to x26 lanes @ 16Gbps between host boards

  • Power Supplies 

    • Input supply  of 12V through

    • Standard ATX supply

  • Power management providing:

    • Easy control per bank

    • Power Monitoring

    • Reverse polarity and current protection

Kit Includes

  • Hardware

    • ONIX Virtex UltraScale 440 Board

    • USB A-mini-B Cables (2)

    • 12V Power Supply (US/UK/ Euro AC cords)

  • Software Tools

    • Xilinx Vivado: Design Edition (Device locked to XCVU0440)

    • ONIX Dashboard

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