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The ONIX package features “ONIX Dashboard” management software.
The software provides easy access to board features like programmable clocks, FPGA programming, voltage and current monitoring, memory dump and more.


  • Displays general information of the board

  • Presents status of the FMC boards

  • Voltage and Current Real Time monitoring

  • Board and FPGA die temperature

  • Excessive Temperature protection

  • FPGA programming

  • Programmable clocks

  • On-board PLL locked status

  • Power good status

  • FPGA Done status

  • AXI4LITE Transactor

  • Read/Write Registers

  • Memory Update/Dump

  • Register monitoring

  • Virtual I/O

  • Real Time Frequency Meter

  • UART Terminal

  • FMC I/O voltage select

  • Memory Slot voltage select

  • Configuration Mode select status

  • Remote Power ON/OFF

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